Modern Facilities

Our company occupies a large acre of land and has an in-house quality testing facility, a well-developed infrastructure, and well-divided departments. Our infrastructure is well-equipped with all the machines, tools, and technology needed for the manufacturing of these products. We regularly clean and upgrade these machines. This increases productivity and ensures quality products. To ensure that our products reach a wider audience, we provide these products to our customers at affordable market prices. We believe that all of this is of no use if the products are not delivered to customers on time, and thus, we ensure the timely delivery of each product. Our infrastructure comprises of:

  • Research & development unit
  • Production Unit
  • Quality testing department
  • Sales & marketing unit
  • Packaging unit, etc.

Our Mission and Vision 

As responsible citizens of the world, we also do our part in environmental protection. For that, we have taken several proactive steps, such as trying to reduce as much waste as we can.

We want to expand our business horizons and cater to our international clients as well.


The machines are regularly upgraded and maintained to ensure high productivity. These machines help us carry out various processes such as condensation, nitration, dehydration, etc.

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